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 Michael Stinson has always had a love for all things sweet. He and his family opened a Sweet Doctors retail store on Tamiami Trail in Sarasota Florida in 2011 and moved to the UTC mall in 2014. Michael was introduced to cake balls by his mom Cheryl when she and a good friend got together, had some drinks, and made the ugliest best tasting cake balls ever. Michael loved the cake balls so much that he started making them for catering events. Since then, Michael has perfected them into beautiful works of art.

After perfecting the cake balls, Michael had the genius idea to dip the cupcakes in chocolate to create a delicious wow factor. Once he and the rest of Sweet Doctors ate these cupcakes, it was hard to make them any other way.

Cheryl came on board full-time when Sweet Doctors opened at the UTC mall. Her passion for cookies took Michael’s creation of the Giant S’mores cookie to the next level. When she is bored with the flavors, a new one is created. Once, a customer came in at a time when a new flavor of cookie was introduced and said: “the cookie lady must have been smoking something when she made that cookie.” Ever since that day, there has been a joke at the bakery, that when a new cookie appears, mama must have been smoking something in the kitchen that day! They are THAT good!

Cheesecake is also something mama loves and she has even created her own recipe. It is decadently rich and creamy! The cheesecake cupcakes are the perfect size for all events and the cookie dough version is infused with the tasty cookies she makes.

Sweet Doctors specializes in creating bite-size cake balls to sweeten any occasion, but is multifaceted and can create anything from wedding cakes to specialty cookies. We at Sweet Doctors know that we can cure your sweet tooth! Give us a try today. We promise you won’t be disappointed! 

Come see us! We can’t wait to see you!