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At Sweet Doctors, we offer a range of products that will make any occasion special and exciting.

  Chocolate Fountain
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Chocolate Waterfall

As the waterfall of Belgian chocolate cascades from the fountain tiers, your guests can dip endless possibilities of sweet treats. The waterfall of chocolate will create a sweet aroma that will make your mouth water before you even take your first bite.

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Our pastry chefs pride themselves on the quality and freshness of our wedding cake ball towers, putting great care into constructing each one. Our overall designs are simple and elegant, incorporating our artistic detail making every one unique to fit your style.

Wedding cake
Wedding cupcake bar
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Special Events & Meetings

No matter how small or large your event, we welcome the opportunity to service your catering needs. Sweet Doctors will be sure to heighten your festivities with our distinctive variety of deliciously sweet treats, presented by our friendly and professional staff.

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